Three weak kittens huddled together when they were found on the street (video)

Recently, these three homeless kids were found on the street – they were very weak, hungry, and thin. The kittens needed help and did not believe the happiness when people paid attention to them.

Three kitten brothers were picked up on the streets in the US state of Indianapolis. Weak, frightened, and thin kittens were very hungry and were orphaned at an early age. But despite all the difficulties, the kittens trusted people and were full of the will to live.

Kind people picked them up and brought them to the IndyHumane Rescue Center. One of the volunteers, a girl named Jennifer, immediately took the kids to her for overexposure. She restored their health and bottle-fed them every 5-6 hours.

When the kittens recovered a bit, the guardian decided to introduce them to her house cats – Bear and Bodie. They often take care of the kids, which the owner brings to overexposure, and they did not deprive the three brothers of attention.

Adult cats immediately began to take care of the crumbs, bathing them in their love. They constantly licked the kittens, played with them, and kept their eyes on them, like real parents. The kittens were only happy with such attention.

Once Bear and Bodie were also babies, whom Jennifer picked up on the street – and now they are her favorite pets. Next to them, the kittens became much more confident and quickly began to recover.

Adult cats also taught the kittens all the important feline things. When it came time to look for permanent owners for the kids, we didn’t have to wait long. Each of them was given to the loving homes where they live now.

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