“Time changes everyone”: our favorite celebrities now and then

Time has power over everyone, including our favorite artists and celebrities

Here are some archival photos of world-famous artists taken during their first appearance in the film industry. Let’s compare their old photos with their current ones, and see how much they have changed.

It’s true that time has power over everyone, and not even famous people are able to avoid aging.

1.Keanu Reeves (34 years difference)

2. Uma Thurman (in the 90s and now)

3. Schwarzenegger is still the same handsome man as he was 50 years ago.

4. Jodie Foster

5. Joaquin Phoenix (1991/2021)

6. Cameron Diaz (1994/2020)

7. Dolph Lundgren (1985/2022)

8. Van Damme (1991/2022)

9. Brad Pitt (1990s/2022)

10. Tom Cruise (40 years difference)

11. Johnny Depp in his very first role and now

12. Angelina Jolie remains the same feminine and charming woman

13. Leonardo DiCaprio (45 years difference)

What do you think about these changes?

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