Time is a powerful thing: here are French movie stars who have changed beyond recognition since the first role

Time is a powerful thing, and these French movie stars have changed so much since their first roles.

French movies have always been well-liked and watched by millions of people all over the world. Men play the brave, beautiful, and violent characters in these cult movies, while women portray the kind, graceful, and feminine ladies to perfection. They each stand out from the rest thanks to their individual charms. In order to demonstrate how these renowned performers and actresses have changed since their early roles, we have chosen 25 from the canon of French cinema today.

1. E. Green

2. Cassel

3. M. Cotillard

4. V. Giocante

5. Tautou

6. F. Ardant

7. J. Belmondo

8. J. Binoche

9. B. Magimel

10. L. Bourgoin

11. J. Dujardin

12.L. Casta

13. Huppert

14. G. Depardieu

15. B. Bardot

16. Delon

17. C. Deneuve

18. P. Richard

19. Ch. Gainsbourg

20. J. Reno

21. S. Marceau

22. F. Cluzet

23. J. Birkin

24. Ch. Clavier

25. Adjani

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