Tina Kunaki exceeded and overshadowed Bellucci, capturing the fashion industry and her husband’s heart

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel were regarded as one of the most gorgeous couples in global cinema. And the parting of the couples caused widespread sadness.

Most notably, the public was taken aback when Kassel found new love just a few months after the separation.

And she became the model Tina Kunaki. It is worth noting that Tina is the owner of an unusual and exotic appearance. She began her modeling career at the age of 8 and was confidently moving towards her goal. Now Kunaki is one of the most famous, sought-after models in the fashion world. Her unconventional natural beauty has become Kunaka’s hallmark.

However, they started talking about the girl as Kassel’s new lover. the popularity of the model has increased. After all, she was compared with Monica Bellucci. She was called the one who surpassed the actress. On the side of Kunaki youth, beauty, and ambition. Nobody believed in her union with the actor. However, as it turns out, Kunaki is very serious when it comes to relationships. The couple met in Ibiza, the beautiful Tina instantly captured the attention of the actor. They talked and realized that they did not want to leave. A couple of days later, Tina introduced Vincent to the family.

Evil tongues said that love between them is impossible because they have such a big age difference. Some argued that Cassel could not forget Bellucci. However, the pair quickly demonstrated the intensity of their connection. Tina Kunaki married Vincent Cassel. Amazoni, their common daughter, was born soon after. So Kunaki, 22, and Kassel, 52, erased all public misgivings.

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