Tips for the waiter. Explain to me why.

Tipping to the waiter. Explain to me why. I wrote down or memorized the order, handed it to the kitchen, brought it and that’s it. The cook is cooking, he doesn’t get a tip? Or how?

My husband and I always leave 10% of the order, but this is his whim. I still don’t understand why.

It’s your job!

I have two groups of children in the kindergarten combined into one, I got 45 children. And I’m alone, the nanny washes the dishes non-stop, forks, spoons, plates, cups, multiply by 45! And no one gave me or the nanny a tip! I had an older group and preparatory (graduation to school). When the band was released, a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. All! For the whole year! I must say that I worked for a long time, but there was still no fashion to give gold. And we didn’t bring food, but looked after the children and prepared them for school. This is our job.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why tipping waiters. The husband leaves, say, so it is accepted. But for what? Educators, teachers, miners, and doctors do not leave a tip. And so is the waiter. Why?

Now imagine taking your kids from kindergarten. Live? Healthy? Thank you, here’s your tip, tomorrow we will come again!

Or I cough. Listen to my lungs. Everything is fine! Thank you, here’s your tip.

Do we take change at the supermarket checkout? Don’t tip the cashier?

The cook prepares it, and the waiter stupidly brings it. And next time I will come back here because it was delicious, not because the waiters are good here.

Every year we go on vacation and be sure to visit Domozhirovo, near St. Petersburg. The kitchen is awesome! And it is because of the kitchen that I go there, and not because the waiter smiled at me. I would tip the cook, but the waiter? Just like a taxi driver, for what? Take away-brought. Why tip?

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