To aid cancer patients, these men cut their long hair that had grown for years

These are the changes that males who gave their long hair to cancer sufferers underwent. 

Given that they may have been growing it out for years, even decades, cutting long hair isn’t always the best option. Many of them are willing to donate their stylish, long hair to people whose hair has been gone due to chemotherapy. 

His long hair was given to cancer patients. 

For the express aim of giving his hair to a young cancer sufferer, this kind man spent three years growing his hair. 

Hair isn’t connected to beauty. 

For some, getting their hair trimmed is a big relief! 

He focused on his mum for ten years. The moment has come for a drastic change. 

This seems to be the right choice. 

Four years later, he bids his lovely hair goodbye. 

I’m not certain of my choice! 

His hair looked too “feminine” .

It had been two years since his last visit to the hairdresser. 

This is the difference between a young man and a mature man. 

Bald children need more hair!

He debated getting a haircut for 15 years before deciding. 

They are all true heroes for having given up their hair to help sick kids!

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