To care for her 80-year-old son, 98-year-old mother went into a nursing facility

Still, motherly love is the most powerful. It is unfailing and permanent. A mother will do anything for her kid, regardless of her age!

Ada Keatings is a remarkable woman. Her son Tom ended up in a nursing home because he required constant professional care that he couldn’t obtain at home for health reasons. Ada could not be separated from the kid, so she relocated to the same nursing facility. The staff is now extremely thankful to the mother and son for the chance to spend time together.

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Ada and Tom have always been best friends. Tom never married and has spent his whole adult life with his mother. This mom and her child maintained a strong bond even as she grew older.

“I’m delighted to have my mother here. It’s incredibly moving when my mother tells me, “Be good.” She looks after me and encourages me.”

Tom is the family’s eldest child. He had three sisters: Janet, Margie, and Barbara, all of whom died when he was 13 years old. Tom worked as a designer and artist before retirement, while his mother was a hospital nurse. Relatives frequently visit Tom and Ada and are delighted to see them together.

“They are inseparable. We are relieved that both of them are receiving enough care around the clock,” said Ada’s granddaughter, Debi Khayam.

“It’s quite emotional to observe the strong bond between Tom and Ada, and we’re glad that we were able to satisfy the requirements of these two amazing individuals,” a spokesperson of the group said of the Keatings.

“Such scenarios, in which parents and their children find themselves in the same nursing facility at the same time, are quite unusual. And we surely aim to make their stay as memorable and enjoyable as possible.”

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