To keep her dog warm, this compassionate woman gave her jacket

At the Cambridge bus stop, Kristina Hollie and her colleague spotted a dog and her mother. She had to leave the dog outside while she went to the post office. 

She ordered him while tying him to the tree. Everyone on the street was taken aback by what transpired next. She unzipped her jacket and wrapped it over him. 

If the woman had the option, she would have taken the dog with her, but since she didn’t, she made sure it was at least warm. Hollie voiced her delight as the mother headed for the post office. She was a wonderful dog owner who genuinely cared for her pet.

The dog exhibited amazing patience as it waited for her. 

When Hollie’s bus arrived, she had to depart from him at some point. 

When pet owners love their animals so much that they are prepared to give up even their own comfort and well-being for them, that is a beautiful thing.

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