To relax, blind elephants listen to classical music (video)

Paul Barton, a professional pianist, enjoys performing for the general audience, as do many other artists. True, there is one distinguishing trait. Unlike his peers, Barton plays piano pieces in front of a live audience. In certain circumstances, he is also delighted to be heard by… elephants.

Paul relocated to Thailand over two decades ago. And it was here that I discovered a way to blend my love of nature with my ability to play the piano.

Elephants World is a non-profit organization dedicated to elephant conservation. Because of her, the artist is continually organizing concerts for animals that have been victims of human brutality. Barton performs masterpieces by Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Frederic Chopin, and other world masters with ancient, blind elephants.

As Paul himself stated, he believes that his activity benefits the elephants. They are soothed and comforted by music.

The pianist believes the elephant’s reaction, which is blind and has never heard music before, is priceless. You and the elephants have a particular relationship. And you converse with them in a language that neither of us understands.

Barton is also persuaded that music for animals is about more than just soothing them. It’s also a sort of apology to such powerful living things. The musician believes that elephants have been laboring for the benefit of humans for far too long.

They were brutally exploited in the woodlands and on the grounds of private mansions and estates. So, Paul wonders, what can I personally do for them? Simply apologize for what others have done to them in the past. That’s why I play soothing music to the wounded elephants as they eat their meal.

Unusual and attractive, excellent animal rehabilitation in the forest!

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