To save a dog’s life, this guy just stole it

Every animal deserves to be loved and cared for. And a good attitude can change a pet beyond recognition. This story was described by one of the users of the social platform Reddit.

The guy lives in the Caribbean. Once he was driving a car along with private houses. The fences here are made of chain-link mesh, so all the yards are visible.

Behind one of these fences, a young man noticed something that looked like a dog. The poor creature was so thin that you could see his bones. The guy says that when he saw the dog, his heart sank with compassion.

He left the car in front of the house and tried to get through to the owners. But no one opened the door for him. Then the guy went to the fence and called the dog. She stood up and on thin legs, staggering and stumbling, approached the guy. Through the net, he treated the animal to a nugget that he had in his car.

At this time, a man walked past the guy. He noted that the dog was in very poor condition. Then the young man said that he wanted to take her to himself. The man, like a philosopher, uttered the following phrase: “The only thing that bothers you is the fence, my brother. You must climb over it and hand the dog over to me.”

The author of the post did just that. Together they kidnapped a dog. But despite the fact that both committed a crime, their thoughts were pure. Both wanted to help a living being. The young man took the pet to himself.

He fed and cured the animal. Now Sunny (as he called the dog) looks good and is surrounded by care. The guy is very attached to his new friend.

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