To save his owner, the dog swam for 11 hours to the beach

This astonishing story took occurred in Moreton Bay, Australia. The fisherman observed a shepherd dog, which tried to swim to shore with all its might. A box of fishing equipment floated near the dog, and a wetsuit could be seen in the distance. The fisherman assisted the dog and began calling the coast guard.

Despite being carried to the shore, the dog constantly whimpered and ran into the water. It was obvious that something had gone wrong: the boat had capsized someplace. The guy was discovered after many hours of searching. According to the sufferer, he was unable to control the boat, and as a result of the unexpected shift, he and the dog were hurled in opposite directions.

Everyone was surprised at how long the dog could swim in pursuit of its owner. As it came out afterward, the dog swam for 11 hours to aid his comrade, according to rescuer accounts. This is not the first time a four-legged companion has gone to a person’s help, proving once again that a dog is a man’s greatest friend!

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