To support the baby, the whole family began to wear bicycle helmets

As you know, all babies are born with a not yet fully formed skull. But this is not scary, because as the baby grows older, the bones gradually harden and everything returns to normal.

But Jonas Gutierras was a little unlucky. At 8 weeks old, he was diagnosed with plagiocephaly. In other words: deformity of the head. To fix everything, the baby needs to wear a special helmet all the time.

The eldest girl of this family felt very sorry for her brother, and she found a bicycle helmet and put it on herself. Parents were touched by such an act of their daughter that soon the father of the family put on a bicycle helmet. And gradually, the whole family ended up wearing helmets.

When the Gutierras posted this photo on social media, a lot of followers who have relatives suffering from the same disease began to send them their family photos, where they are also wearing bicycle helmets.

We hope the baby will recover soon. And finally, I want to say: that there is nothing stronger than the support of your family!

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