Tobin Bell’s Heartwarming Encounter with Young Saw Fan Goes Viral

🎬💙 Witness the heartwarming moment when Tobin Bell, the actor behind Jigsaw, responds with kindness to a young fan’s playful question!

They say it’s not always a good idea to meet the people you look up to. But if you do, there’s one thing you should try to avoid: stumbling over your words. But what if your hero happens to be Jigsaw himself?

Well, one young fan got the chance to meet the actor who plays Jigsaw last year. This actor is Tobin Bell. Fans were super excited before the release of the 10th Saw movie in September 2023.

The young fan met Tobin Bell, who’s 81 years old and has been playing the scary Jigsaw character since the series started in 2004.

Can you believe the series is 20 years old? Amazing, right?

In Saw, Tobin Bell is famous for playing a terrifying serial killer. But thankfully, he’s nothing like that in real life, which is a big relief.

There’s a video on YouTube showing the young fan meeting Tobin Bell at an event. When the kid approaches him, Bell says, “Yeah, go ahead, I have a question too.” The kid then asks, “Do you want to play a game?” which is a line from the movies. Bell plays along and says, “Sure, but let’s start with a pound, okay?” Then they fist bump.

They shake hands, and it’s all very friendly. The video has been seen by lots of people on social media, and many are praising Bell for being so nice to the young fan.

One person said, “Tobin is such a nice guy. I love actors who are nothing like the characters they play.” Another person said, “I’m surprised he didn’t ask if the kid watched his Saw movies! He’s a nice guy though.”

Someone else wished they could meet Tobin Bell too, saying, “I wish I was one of those kids. I love Tobin Bell.” Another person shared their own experience of meeting him and said he was super nice. They even talked about a movie he was in besides Saw, and Tobin Bell was excited that they remembered it.

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