Top 5 Simple Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Marriage is a delicate matter, most of us aspire to go there, thinking that this is where all life’s problems will end and the fabulous “they lived happily ever after” will come. However, this is just the beginning – how you and your partner work on the relationship will determine its future outcome.

Sting with wife Trudy Styler, 1992.

In order for the marriage to be long, happy, and harmonious, and so that your love for the chosen one grows stronger day by day, take the following secrets into service:

Don’t take small troubles to heart.

An anniversary date forgotten by a chosen one, a quarrel about a vacation, or a refusal to go to your girlfriend’s birthday party is completely insignificant trifles on a life scale. Do not let them spoil your union: accumulating resentment, and bothering about trifles is not a good idea, which only harms relationships and exacerbates problems.

You and He are against the whole world, but You are not against Him.

Again: we live in a difficult time when every day you have to defend yourself, your interests, goals, and finances in the end. This means that the home should remain the most comfortable, safe, accepting place where you can relax and be yourself. If you manage to create such an “oasis of love and support”, do not hesitate – your relationship will be the happiest.

Sting and Trudy, 2006.

Learn to listen.

Often, communicating with colleagues, friends, and even loved ones, we take their words for granted, and we can’t wait until we can finally say something ourselves. Nevertheless, the ability to listen, and, most importantly, to hear is an overvalued skill for relationships, which, alas, very few people possess. Learn to perceive the needs, fears, wishes, and fears of a partner when he tells you about them. And also remember that it is much more difficult for men to share their innermost things than for us, so sometimes you will have to recognize the true message literally in a couple of words.

Find time for yourself.

One of the most common mistakes girls make when they get married or start living with a guy is giving up their own interests and hobbies. Men, on the other hand, very rarely refuse regular gatherings with friends or football on weekends when they have a stamp on their passport. To keep your significant other interesting, and to live a full, happy life, don’t stop spending time on the things you love. Whether it’s shopping on Sundays or yoga dancing three times a week, set aside time for it and don’t feel guilty about it. Self-development is only good for your relationship.

I love you.

No matter how long you are together, do not stop confessing your love to the chosen one. Do it verbally, through a cup of tea brought to bed in the morning or a funny note on the refrigerator – often remind him and yourself of your feelings, then they will only grow stronger.

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