“Topless Star In a Futuristic Helmet”: Christina Aguilera Starred In a Provocative Way!

Christina’s fans showered her with many compliments.

In front of the camera, Christina Aguilera took off her clothes. The performer posed while enclosing her bust in her palms.

The Candyman hitmaker has frequently undergone major appearance changes. Christina frequently tinkers with pictures. She was a brunette, and she took after Marilyn Monroe, the epitome of Hollywood beauty. Aguilera has already managed to show up with deep red curls this year.

Christina wore daring attire during a recent picture session. The recipient of six Grammy awards wore nothing but her underwear. She had her hair up in a tight, high ponytail.

The singer’s face was brightly painted by makeup experts, with a focus on the eyes and bare lips. She finished the ensemble with opulent jewelry including sizable jewels.

Aguilera donned a futuristic helmet while shooting. She covered her exposed breasts with her hands, wearing a silver-colored accessory with sparkling rhinestones. The 42-year-old “Burlesque” actress flaunted long nails that were manicured to perfection. Another image showed her holding a helmet over her bust.

Christina received several accolades from her followers.

The bond between Rihanna and Christina is really strong. Aguilera sang at a pre-Super Bowl event before flaunting a chic ensemble.

She made an entrance wearing flared pants, a burgundy patent coat, and a T-shirt with a Rihanna face design. The actress finished off the look with an odd handbag that was shaped like a pink rugby ball. Christina captioned the images, “Team Ree.”

Rihanna sang at the Super Bowl the day before. The singer gave birth to a child eight months ago. And it came out that the businesswoman is once again expecting a child.

Rihanna made an appearance at the Super Bowl, incidentally, wearing a red dress that accentuated her bulging stomach.

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