Tori Spelling Opens Up About Housing Struggles: ‘Scary’ Times for Her and Children

Tori Spelling, the actress and reality TV star, has been going through a tough time lately. She recently went through a divorce with her husband Dean McDermott, whom she was married to for 17 years. They have five children together.

Dean announced their split on Instagram, mentioning their 18-year relationship and five kids. Despite their efforts to co-parent amicably, tensions remained. After the divorce, Tori had to leave their rented home due to mold issues. She and her five kids spent some time living in an RV. They later found another rental but had to evacuate due to an armed gunman near their home, resulting in a SWAT team standoff in mid-October.

All this moving around created uncertainty for Tori and her kids. A source close to the family mentioned that Tori is trying her best to take care of her children but is not used to such prolonged instability. The source also shared that the kids, who are old enough to understand, are facing questions from friends about their situation.

In summary, Tori Spelling and her kids have been facing challenges recently, and we wish them the best during these difficult times. Share this information so others can send their well wishes too!

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