Touching pictures of how people rescued their pets during the flood!

Recently, Hurricane Harvey passed through Texas. In a few hours, a monthly rainfall fell and the water rose by more than 0.5 meters.

All residents tried to escape as best they could, and first of all, they saved the most valuable thing – their beloved pets, who could not take care of their safety on their own.

Big dog but needs support.

It can be seen that the dog is not light.

Carries on a fragile back

To not swim far

Struggling with the current 

Warm each other

Noah’s ark

Pets support in difficult times

A real hero for your mom and dog

Hmm, looks like a good fit

I only took my dog ​​with me.

The tightest hug

Rescue operation successful

Boat crossing

The dog even pursed its ears

His eyes say a lot

Equipped with doggies

This baby without an owner would definitely be lost.

Three in a boat, not counting the dogs

Trouble behind

The love of these owners for their pets is proved not by words, but by action!

The cutest animals in the world

Videos from internet

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