“Toxic Relationship Led To Firing”: Geraldo Rivera opened up about his relationship with “The Five” costar

He was actually fired from the show

Geraldo Rivera recently revealed that a “toxic relationship” with one of his co-hosts on the Fox News program The Five played a role in his departure from the network after 23 years. Initially, Rivera had indicated that he left The Five on his own accord, but he now claims he was actually “fired” from the show and subsequently decided to quit Fox News altogether.

During an appearance on ABC’s The View, Rivera, 80, shared that he had a difficult dynamic with another cast member on The Five. The show features a five-person panel with four conservative voices and one liberal. Rivera served as a rotating liberal personality alongside Jessica Tarlov and Harold Ford Jr., while regularly hosting with conservative voices Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, Jeanine Pirro, and Greg Gutfeld.

Rivera and Gutfeld had notable on-air clashes, including a disagreement over electric vehicles and an argument about abortion during which Rivera referred to Gutfeld as “an arrogant punk.” In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Rivera cited “growing tension” at The Five as a reason for his departure.

When asked on The View about the specific cast member he had an issue with, Rivera did not directly name the person but hinted he might reveal it eventually. He explained that he received a call from two female executives informing him that he was being removed from The Five, but they suggested other roles within the network. Rivera, having a year and a half left on his contract, decided to quit when he was removed from the top-rated show.

Rivera acknowledged the kindness shown to him by the network in the days leading up to his departure, as they reminisced about their shared experiences over the years. He also expressed feeling unfairly treated in their disputes, feeling that he was not judged objectively and that the other person was consistently favored. He mentioned being suspended multiple times and having his appearances reduced before ultimately being canceled altogether.

Rivera clarified that the unnamed person he referred to was not Jeanine Pirro, whom he praised and stated he had no ill feelings towards. When asked why the network didn’t create a new show for him, Rivera explained that his ideology no longer aligned with Fox News, and he felt squeezed in after originally joining as a war correspondent. He mentioned his extensive experience covering global conflicts and expressed regret for leaving Fox News in 2011.

Rivera made a final appearance on Fox and Friends on June 30, where he celebrated his 80th birthday. He expressed deep affection for the people at the network and became emotional during a montage of his work on Fox News, expressing gratitude for the unexpected celebration.

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