Tulsa Zoo announces a new member welcome – A beautiful penguin

Welcome to this world, lovely little angel!

Tulsa Zoo just announced the addition of a new African penguin to our colony with excitement!

On October 3, a true Libra, the gorgeous baby penguin was born to parents Dassen and Ireland. The birth of the chick is part of the Tulsa Zoo’s involvement with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums’ African Penguin Species Survival Plan.

When a newborn penguin is first born, it resembles a chicken somewhat, but because of its distinguishing gray plumage, the infant penguin soon disproves this.

The Tulsa Zoo reported that the penguin chick was 60 grams when it was born. The gender of the chick is yet unknown.

The little penguin is currently being well-cared after and even has a plush penguin friend!

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