Two abandoned kittens squealed with all their might, trying to attract attention

These two tiny furries were picked up off the street when a stray cat gave birth to them and abandoned them. She was too young to take care of the kittens and was unable to take care of them. Weak brothers wholeheartedly hoped for help.

Residents of the town of Jacksonville in the United States picked up these kids on the street. The mother left them, and the kittens were left to the mercy of fate – but despite this, they did not even think of giving up. The kittens were squeaking and trying to tell everyone around that they were here and needed help.

The kittens were only two days old when they were found. Later, they decided to transfer the crumbs to caring hands, and a volunteer named Caitlyn agreed to take them. The woman fed the babies by the hour, and sensitively looked after them.

Sensitive care had an effect the kittens quickly gained weight and felt better. Caitlyn also gave them supportive medication to help them get back on their feet.

At the age of two weeks, the kittens opened their eyes and immediately began to explore everything around them with interest. They turned out to be very active and curious, and also began to actively demand the attention of their guardians.

There was a strong connection between the crumbs – they did everything together, and always enjoyed each other’s company. When they were six weeks old, they successfully switched to solid food and did not cease to please the guardian with their small victories.

Now they are looking for owners for these charms. Caitlyn hopes to give a couple to one house – so that friendly kittens continue their journey together. We wish the kids to find the best owners!

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