Two girls were going around the farm when they heard wailing from under the ground (video)

The Zed & Co cattle farm in Victoria, Australia, is owned by Nick and Marnie Zelinsky. Their kid was wandering around the property with her closest friend one day. Suddenly, the girls heard an animal’s howl. It was emanating from beneath the ground!

The daughter quickly hurried to her parents for assistance. And, of course, a swarm of nearby youngsters arrived quickly, eager to help with the rescue mission.

When the grownups came, they dug up some ground near where the wailing was heard and discovered a pipe. It was evident that the victim was trapped there.

Then Nick Zelinsky went in search of equipment, including a circular saw, with which he cut the pipe.

A little black lamb was brought into the light! He was just a few days old. It’s impossible to understand how he got inside this subterranean conduit.

Little lambs are known as lambos in Australia, which is why the project was dubbed Save Lambo. In Australia, the saviors have become heroes on social media.

Here’s a brief video about the rescue mission:

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