Two-legged mother-dog defended her little puppies with the last of her strength

Animals can overcome the most incredible obstacles and adapt to any condition. Even those animals that do not have conditions for life fight for their survival to the last. And especially fiercely they protect their offspring.

This is exactly what the heroine of our today’s story, named Shi Bao, did. The whole world heard about her dedication and heroism.

Once the dog lived in the family, but over time it got tired of its owners and they threw it to the mercy of fate. Shi Bao lost her hind legs when she was hit by a train car, the poor thing miraculously survived the incident.

However, our heroine was not going to give up and after the disaster, she managed to give birth to four puppies. The mother was ready to give everything to protect her children.

Every morning the dog and her children would come to the station looking for some food. The puppies always followed their mother and did not step aside.

The story of Shi Bao and her offspring has spread all over the world. Local volunteers decided to help the poor fellow and protect the dog’s offspring at all costs.

Not without difficulty, but people managed to find the mother and her children. Unfortunately, at the time they were discovered, only two babies survived. One of the puppies was in a very bad condition, so without hesitation, he was taken for a veterinary examination.

Doctors have made a lot of efforts to cure the baby. But now everything is in order with him and most likely he will have a long and happy life.

The second puppy was completely healthy and very active. He had a great appetite and great love. His mother also did not experience any health problems, despite her disability.

After some time, all members of this family managed to find new families, albeit in different parts of the country.

Veterinarians say that Shi Bao behaves very friendly towards people, loves attention and affection very much. The poor fellow clearly yearned for human love and now needs it.

This dog can really be called a mother-heroine. And she deserved the peace and comfort that a new family can give her.

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