Two little kittens, who resemble snowballs, have found solace in their new home by constantly cuddling up to one another

A kind man once heard the cat meowing in their backyard and went in search of it right away.

They instantly noticed a crying kitten and noticed another one close.

Since their mother was nowhere to be located, they were completely alone.

The infants needed 24-hour care and specialized bottle feeding, so they were quickly transferred to a nearby shelter.

The kittens, Squeak and Adele, quickly made their way to their foster home to start their journey toward a fulfilling life.

The fluffy couple loved to cuddle with their foster parents and was often found together.

One day, when their foster mother came in, she saw Snowballs curled up close to their other cat. A really lovely scenario developed.

These felines are highly affectionate and never pass up the chance to provide a warm hug.

They usually start singing their perfect meows to win love and admiration.

The lovely infants enjoy playing with their brand-new fluffy toys, running around the house constantly, and cuddling with their foster parents.

The snowballs are now in great spirits and will soon be preparing to enter their everlasting home.

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