Two schoolchildren went for a walk in the Amazon jungle and returned home only after 2 months

On February 18, seven-year-old Grayson invited his brother for a walk in the Amazon jungle. Schoolchildren went outside the city and instantly disappeared into the dense jungle. The search did not give any results, everyone had already lost hope, but after 2 months the brothers returned home.

Grayson was fond of watching songbirds, so he took his brother for a walk. The jungle in Manicore, one of the southern Brazilian states, begins almost in the suburbs – it was enough for schoolchildren to turn the wrong way to be guaranteed to get lost.

By evening, family and friends began searching. The special services also got involved, but there were no results. The students were declared missing.

But after 2 months, the lumberjack found the brothers. The brothers walked six kilometers from the village of Palmeira, they went to the natural reserve of Lago-Kapana. Over the past time, the guys have lost weight, but in general, they were quite brave.

Naturally, the brothers will need several days to recover. Both have already declared that they are ready to return to school.

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