‘UGLY’ Orlando shelter dog that went viral gets adopted, has surgery on eyes – See how she looks now…!

So happy she found her forever home!

A dog from an Orlando animal shelter who went popular last year after writing about the [cr.uel] remarks she overheard from visitors in a heartbreaking Facebook post is now enjoying the greatest life possible!

Around the holidays, Dutchess was turned over to Orange County Animal Services due to a landlord dispute. The owner explained to the shelter that she had a little [def.orm.ity] beneath each eye from birth. Dutchess was described by the shelter as being almost the ideal dog: friendly, vivacious, and smart. Sadly, prospective adopters couldn’t look past her flaws in appearance.

In an effort to get Dutchess noticed, Orange County Animal Services uploaded her photographs on Facebook. She found her PERFECT FOREVER HOME! This famous adorable girl who no one wanted at first and then everyone wanted!

Dutchess, who is now known as Lena, underwent surgery to have the wrinkles beneath her eyes moved since they were blocking her vision and bothering her.

Lena is doing well, according to her new owners, and is the loveliest dog they have ever encountered. I’m very grateful that she has a permanent residence! Love, enjoy your new life!

You are undoubtedly a wonderful dog, and you deserve a home that will be yours forever.

Godspeed to both you and your adoptive parent.

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