Ukraine dog clings to the veterinarian’s luggage, pleading with her to stay

A stray dog named Lenny managed to find his way to an animal sanctuary but was emaciated and injured. He and the other dogs were left to die of starvation on the streets for an unforeseen period of time. 

Lenny ignored Dr. Courtney Katsur when she first encountered him while he was lying close to the warmth. He had surgery and didn’t have any confidence in anyone. 

She made the decision to travel to Ukraine a few weeks ago while still residing in Virginia in order to assist the animals that were lost in the streets. They were abandoned by their families, and the battle left a lasting psychological and physical scar on those wretched creatures. 

The doctor worked with the charity Breaking the Chains, which feeds and treats animals. She was really helpful to many animals. She was affected by each of them. She acknowledged crying when she parted ways with them. 

Due to his abrupt behavior change in front of her, Lenny was the patient she remembered the most. He began to have faith in others, particularly in Dr. Katsur. 

He jumped and slept in her bags, she remarked. She was astonished because he had previously refused to allow anyone to even touch him. However, he was in the mood for a snuggle at the time. 

It was amazing to see him change. 

Loves spending time at the shelter, Lenny. He has acquired the moniker “the compound dog.”

The doctor claimed that near the end, he took control of the structure. 

Now that she is back in the US, she makes every effort to assist the dogs. She manages volunteers and donation collection remotely. She has plans to go back to Ukraine shortly so she may offer her immediate assistance. 

She estimates that they had finished around 0.1 percent of the necessary work. 

A full-time Ukrainian vet is currently taking care of the rescued animals.

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