“Unique Beauty”: A Girl Born with Both Blonde and Brown Hair

Bella Hill, who lives in the English city of Lincoln, has unique hair that’s a mix of brown and straw-blond. Her hair color has been a topic of discussion since she was a newborn.

A photo from her infancy shows that a quarter of her head had a “mole on the other” side.

Researchers explain that Bella has a condition called Poliosis, which affects the skin.

The term comes from the Greek word “pilios,” meaning “grey.” People with Poliosis have a lower or complete lack of melanin (the substance that gives color to hair) in the roots of affected hair. Hair in those areas lacks pigmentation and appears bleached.

When Bella wears a dress, she looks like a blonde, but when she dresses more energetically with pants and a hoodie, she looks like a brown-haired girl. People envy her because they can’t change their hair color without dye.

Interestingly, Bella has eyelashes of different colors – brown in one eye and light in the other.

Bella’s mom jokes that when she was pregnant, she worked as a cosmetologist and experimented with her hair color, leading to Bella’s unique hair. Bella’s appearance is truly special; while some people have strands of different colors, having so many is quite unusual.

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