Vasilina was born without arms, but she is able to eat, sketch, and even wash dishes

Vasilina, the heroine of today’s story, has learned to execute numerous duties without the use of her hands.

The infant was born with an uncommon condition, yet she has a strong will, fortitude, and tenacity. The mother refused the kid immediately after delivery, and she was placed in an orphanage. She was eventually adopted by a Moscow family, Elmira and Chris Knutsenov.

Vasilina could already use utensils and play independently at the age of one and a half. In addition to the daughter, the family has two older sons, with whom the infant has learned to undertake numerous things that typical people accomplish.

The foster parents of the girl immediately after the wedding decided that they would definitely take the child from the orphanage. When their son was just over a year old, they adopted the boy Denis, although from the very beginning they just wanted to find a family for him, and later realized that they were his family.

“We knew that he had little chance of adoption, he was already seven years old, and he had a level of development of three to four years. He has no arms or legs, his speech is undeveloped, and he could not serve himself at all. In custody, we were scolded for not sending him to school, and I had to teach him to go to the toilet on his own!”

Later, Denis was given prostheses, and now if you ask what lesson at school he likes the most, the boy will answer without hesitation that it is physical education.

Once Vasilina asked: “Mom, will you never leave me?”

“Two years at home. Picked up at 12 months. Well, what can she remember there? says Elmira, the foster mother.

“For the sake of what life is given to us? What do we devote our time, energy, and money to? Maybe in your heart and family, there is a place for a child who absolutely no one needs in this world? she added.

Vasilina knows how to eat, draw and do almost everything that healthy children can do, but not with her hands, but with her feet. Elmira filmed a video of her daughter eating her own lunch, deftly holding a spoon with her foot.

Since then, Elmira has continued to share her daughter’s life on social media by posting various videos. The baby is now truly happy, she has loving parents and brothers who, no matter what happens, always believe in her and help.

In all the photos the girl is smiling, and this says a lot.

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