Vera Wang Is 73 But Looks Not A Day Older Than 25

The ageless fashion designer made a remarkable young impression on people all over the world.

On June 30, a lavish birthday party for Vera Wang was held. On June 27, the well-known American fashion designer will turn 73. Recent pictures from the Prosecco party suggest that Wong may have sold her soul to the devil but has managed to stay 25 years old.

Not every 73-year-old lady can afford to meet such a prestigious date in ultra-short shorts, a crop top, and pink hair strands – and the designer, it seems, did not even question the decision of wearing this outfit. He also made Vera’s tiny arms stand out more and opened up her neck, which, incidentally, turned out to be free of any wrinkles.

The birthday celebration for Vera Wang has the theme “Life in Pink.” Only the beginning of the party included rivers of pink champagne, a rose-adorned silver-coated cake, and the VW letters.
The 73-year-old bridal dress designer captioned a photo from the celebration, “Celebrating my birthday with cupcakes, karaoke…and prosecco.”

Karaoke is not a joke, believe it or not! Celebrity attendees at the event joined part in the singing of Wong’s favorite songs, including Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours.”

The image of Vera has thrilled the designer’s subscribers, as seen by the deserving likes and comments. What’s your secret, damn it? Amazing fans,” one user writes on social media. Some even inquire as to the type of potions the designer consumes and whether or not she is a witch!

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