“Very demanding groom”: 27-year-old Pakistani made a list of requirements for his future wife

This big man’s name is Arbab Heather Hayat. Not so long ago, he turned 27 years old and our hero believes that it’s time to think about the family. Therefore, today he is in search of a bride.

But as it turned out, Arbab is a rather demanding man, so he is not ready to marry the first girl he comes across. He has a whole list, according to which he will select his chosen one.

Since Hayat himself is a rather big guy, his wife should weigh less than 100 kg. Otherwise, our hero is simply afraid to crush his beloved.

Later, the Pakistani pays attention to growth. They need to look harmonious, so the minimum height of his future wife should be 190 cm.

One of the most important rules of this list is the item about cooking. Judging by the photographs, the groom eats very densely, so his wife will have to cook a lot and be tasty.

By the way, Arbab eats thirty eggs a day, 3 kg of meat products, and 5 plates of rice. In addition, he drinks several liters of milk a day, so questions about the size of a man go away on their own.

Interestingly, Hayat is a heavyweight athlete who is going to achieve considerable results in this sport.

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