“Victim of Plastic Procedures”: What Does 67-year-old Donatella Versace Look Like Without Makeup?

First of all, everyone knows Donatella Versace a renowned fashion designer who, along with her brother, created a famous clothing line. She was the first to start luring celebrities for fashion displays, guaranteeing that models are known across the world.

Versace’s passion for plastic surgery, which is evident in how the businesswoman looks, is the second factor that draws the public’s attention to her.

Fans were just astonished to see the hero in this condition, which is why these photos attracted a lot of comments. When Donatella was younger, she developed a bad interest in plastic surgery. She underwent several surgeries, and as a result, her face now seems, to put it bluntly, peculiar.

What do you think of female cosmetic surgery addicts?

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