Volunteers called for assistance after discovering the starving horse. Look at how much this poor, skinny horse has grown!

The British Horse Society discovered this half-dead abandoned horse near a building in East Dorem.
The horse was out of breath and covered in mud. 

Heidi, a pony, was treated as if she were trash. The volunteer had to act right away because the cat was in such bad condition. Trying to gaze at this emaciated, filthy horse was impossible. She was unable to even walk because of how weak she was. She was famished! 

Almost no one had a hope of surviving.
Rescuers were contacted by volunteers to take the victim to the emergency room of an animal shelter for the homeless. Rescuers gave up on trying to revive Heidi. However, a miracle occurred!

The pony managed to survive, but it took months for the horse to recover from her major health issues. 

Heidi has changed dramatically since regaining her footing six months later. Heidi gained weight again and grew a thick mane. We sincerely hope that she will be able to move on from her tragic past.

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