“We are extinguishing the fire, and there…” The firemen were about to leave, but they were stopped by a tiny living find!

A forest fire is a disaster that can turn into a real tragedy if firefighters do not intervene in time …

Recently in the UK in Birmingham, the edge of the forest caught fire. Firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the fire.

Fortunately, the area engulfed in flames was small – somewhere around 15 square meters. People quickly managed to prevent trouble. Firefighters decided that the fire could have broken out for two reasons: either dry grass caught fire, or one of the tourists forgot to put out a cigarette butt …

When the work was completed, the firemen were about to leave, but something stopped them! One of them accidentally noticed a tiny mouse in the black charred grass …

The baby miraculously survived the fire, remaining safe and sound!

On the same day, a cute post appeared on the fire station’s Twitter about how people managed to save a little mouse’s life, accompanied by photos of a nimble cute mouse.

Unfortunately, it is not known what happened to the baby in the future. Most likely, the firefighters released the animal into the wild in a quieter place.

And the mouse’s family probably suffered from a fire …

One thing we know for sure – nothing bad happened to the baby! Firefighters took care of the foundling and did not leave him to the mercy of fate.

Thanks to the attentiveness and indifference of the fire brigade, a live and grateful little mouse is running somewhere!

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