“Welcoming Her Grandchild”: Demi Moore Touched Fans With an Emotional Photo From The Birth Of Her 34-Year-Old Daughter!

Let’s congratulate the young family!

Rumer Willis has her first child, and Demi Moore celebrates grandmotherhood. Demi posted touching pictures of her daughter giving birth at home in the presence of her family on Instagram on Mother’s Day.

Demi was shown throughout the procedure giving Rumer a heartfelt embrace in one picture and cradling her sleeping newborn grandchild in another.

Demi also reflected on her own pregnancy experience and shared an old photo of herself with a baby belly.

The couple’s daughter Luetta Isley Thomas Willis was enthusiastically welcomed on April 18 by Rumer and her boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas.

Congratulations to the new family, please! Post your desires in the comments section!

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