“What a blessing she is!”: Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a touching photo with his granddaughter

They look so cute together

In this delightful footage, we catch a glimpse of the one-year-old granddaughter of the renowned Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shared by Katherine, the daughter of the iconic actor and former Governor of California, the footage pleasantly surprised everyone. The proud father of this adorable little one is Chris Pratt.

To celebrate their precious heiress’s first birthday, the couple decided to organize a small yet heartwarming gathering. Meet Eloise, their youngest addition to the family.

The photographs capture the enchanting moment when the loving mother tenderly cradles her daughter in her arms, evoking warmth and joy. With a radiant smile on her face, she exudes happiness and pride, clearly delighted to be a mother of two beautiful girls. While the couple hasn’t revealed the complete face of their little one, the love and joy shared are palpable.

“And just like that, she turns one! What a year it has been, and what a blessing she is. My little bundle of joy, who has made me a mother of two beautiful girls. She radiates pure happiness, delight, and endless laughter.”

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