What a gene does is make these cousins remarkably similar; their likeness to one another is astounding

You will be stunned by the parallels between these people and their kids. 

Contrary to popular belief, people can resemble their distant ancestors very considerably. It is a common misconception that people primarily inherit physical qualities from their parents. Birthmarks, moles, or specific areas of their face or body can also fall under this category in addition to their general appearance. Your collective astonishment at how much these people resemble their parents is deserved. 

Exactly like his papa! 

What a remarkable likeness exists between a father and his offspring! 

Daughter of Crawford, K. J. Gerber (right). 

1965 and 2014. The heiress resembles her mother exactly. 

This youngster and his dad share similarities.

Such pretty curls! 

Uma Thurman and Maya Hawk (her mother). 

Deva unquestionably received the finest from her illustrious mother. 

What can you say?

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