“What a Waist!”: Ageless Sharon Stone In a Tight Dress Made a Splash On The Red Carpet!

The 65-year-old celebrity frequently participates in events and maintains her social status. She dresses everyone to the point of madness.

During the “Women Creating History” event at the National Museum of Women’s History in Washington on March 31, Sharon Stone shone in particular splendor.

Sharon looked stunning in an Elie Saab dress that was white and gold.

Her gown was form-fitting and embellished with gold sequins to give the appearance of a tiny waist. But, in Sharon’s case, these techniques are unnecessary because of her already-narrow waist and toned, slim frame.

The star’s ensemble was finished off with a patchwork Fendi purse, large, unusually shaped earrings, and pointed gold shoes. Even now, it still boggles our minds that the actress will turn 65 in March 2023.

Her physical look and soul are both young!

Stone once recalled her early days as an actor:

“When I got to the set, there were 300 men. My hair and makeup were done. Men also made up the dressers. I would occasionally request a female costume designer to be on site so I wouldn’t be alone among the males.

Sharon Stone recently stunned everyone with her presence at a function at Hollywood’s Legion Theatre.

The actress spectacularly posed for photographers in a red trouser suit: a blazer on a naked body and wide trousers with a train.

The neckline of the star was discussed on the Web for several days.

How did you like the star’s outfit?

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