What Actors From Our Childhood Look Like Now

A “white crow” character will unavoidably appear in a movie about teens because of the way American cinema is structured. They ridicule him, don’t take him seriously, and occasionally even spread disease. However, this does not imply that the actors who portrayed these kids should suffer the same fate. Contrarily, many of them really get more appealing as they age.

1. Kyle Edwards from Road Trip.

Joseph Qualls played the stuffed, mute character. The actor was 22 years old while the movie was being made. He was employed properly for his part: skinny, reserved, and quiet. Such people are excellent at playing geeks and sissies. Qualls is no longer interested in playing losers or acting in movies at the age of 42. Joseph decided to follow a different career route and became a successful independent film director. The former actor appears much more assured today. Why would he not do what he enjoys?

2. Sherminator from American Pie.

Chris Owen had several leading roles before American Pie. He appeared in the beloved movie “Major Payne” at the age of 15. The actor became renowned once the footage was shown on TV. Like in “Major Payne,” Chris wasn’t always thought of as the most attractive man in “American Pie.”

But as he grew older, the red-haired youngster started to change and eventually became a real-life woman’s fantasy. Chris is 39 years old right now. Even though he likes to avoid funny roles, he nevertheless performs in movies. The actor claims to be waiting for the role of his life.

3. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.

On the one hand, the cult movie gave Rupert Grint the lead part. He simply played his “red shadow,” not the one that is universally favored—that of the youngster who survived.
Although Ron, who is funny and uncomfortable, cannot be considered a “white crow” in the strictest sense, he did not emerge as the first attractive student at the school. It will become stained with ink, which will cause the magic wand to shatter. Contrary to his persona, Rupert is not hilarious but rather handsome. The guy is still acting in movies now, and the females adore him!

4. Randy Meeks from Scream.

Jamie Kennedy was cast in the part of a horror movie guru who is a complete geek. Despite the actor is 36 years old at the time of filming, his part is portrayed flawlessly.

Jamie seldom appears in movies these days since he would rather focus on his family. Kennedy occasionally takes part in parody shows, which he does more for the sake of preserving his talent. The actor, however, has a fantastic exterior and is a very captivating middle-aged man. Deserving of respect!

5. Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter.

Matthew Lewis, who portrayed the bumbling Longbottom, may qualify as a genuine phenomenon. When the original “Potter” was being filmed, Matthew resembled a little ball on legs that was “decorated” with a pair of big fangs. With each movie, the character evolved over time. And by the time he became 30 years old, he had completely transformed.

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