What does the beautiful actress Charlize Theron look like without makeup and photoshop?

Charlize Theron rightfully bears the title of the most beautiful and luxurious Hollywood star. Producers and directors love her.

Charlize has long proved that she can cope not only with the roles of fatal beauties but also with complex dramatic roles, where a complete transformation is necessary. Like in the movie Monster.

In her last interview, Charlize also admitted that lately she often thinks about old age. She stands in front of the mirror for a long time and studies new wrinkles. Recall that the actress is already 44 years old.

Theron also admitted that if earlier she used moisturizing creams only before going to bed, now she often visits a beautician.

But still, it is worth noting that Charlize is a rare case when a famous woman is not at all shy about leaving the house without makeup. And she looks luxurious.

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