“What Happened To Her?”: Fans Did Not Recognize The Swollen And Aged Claudia Schiffer!

She looks swollen and older.

Claudia Schiffer was a hugely popular model in the 1990s who was admired for her beauty and sense of style. Designers also adored her. She appeared in publications and on runways all around.

However, she opted for a family above modeling and is now a loving mother and wife. Claudia still performs and participates in picture sessions at the age of 52.

Although not everyone agrees, she appears youthful for her age. Some of her 90s followers believe she has changed significantly and doesn’t look the same.

Claudia abstained from any cosmetic procedures and operations because she prefers to remain natural. She looks for herself, although she is becoming older. Fans were shocked by this.

She appears big and aged, according to some unkind remarks.

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