What happened to the most famous child actors in Hollywood

What do little movie stars of the 1990s and 2000s look like now and what do they do.

Haley Joel Osment, 31

Left – “The Sixth Sense” (1999), right – “Beautiful, Bad, Evil” (2019).

Haley’s most starring role was played by M. Night Shyamalan in the cult film The Sixth Sense (1999). The boy who saw ghosts captivated the audience not only with his angelic appearance but also with his acting talent. The late 1990s and early 2000s were very fruitful for Osment. Haley Joel Osment worked with legendary actors and directors: in Bogus, he played with Depardieu and Whoopi Goldberg, in The Sixth Sense his partner on the set was Bruce Willis, in Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt, in The Faces of Death » William Dafoe, in “Artificial Intelligence” managed to work with Jude Law under the guidance of Steven Spielberg himself.

The older Osmond got, the fewer projects he was offered. At the age of 15, he starred with Michael Caine and Robert Duvall in the comedy Used Lions, then there was a four-year break before the next main role in the film House of the Giants (2007) (pictured in the center). The second half of the 2000s became a time of problems with alcohol and a lack of art for Osment. Osment, unlike his more successful colleagues such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Elijah Wood, failed to maintain the status of a star. After “House of the Giants”, he played only one main role in the film “Sex Education” (2014) (pictured right). The last role of Osmond at the moment is the friend of the bride of the maniac Ted Bundy, who from the friend zone with a creak turns into the status of a partner, and then only because the previous boyfriend turned out to be a brutal killer.

Emily Osment, 27

Osment has a younger sister. You may remember her as Gertie Giggles in the second and third series of Spy Kids. Emily Osment is not only an actress but also a singer. She successfully toured with concerts in the early 2010s, and now mainly acts on TV. One of her latest television works is a cameo role in The Kaminsky Method, where she managed to work with Michael Douglas.

This is what Emily looks like now.

Daryl Sabara, 26

Since we are talking about Spy Kids, it’s worth saying what the main characters of the franchise look like now. For many children in the early 2000s, Spy Kids 3 was the first experience of watching a 3D movie, and indeed the adventures of Juni and Carmen Cortez were quite popular at the time. Daryl Sabara, Juni’s red-haired special agent, has done quite a few small roles, but for the past five years, he has been mainly doing voice acting for cartoons.

Alexa PenaVega, 30 years old

Alexa Vega now starred in modest series on American cable channels. In 2014, Vega married (for the second time) fellow actor Carlos Pena Jr., and they will soon have a second child.

In addition to Carmen Cortez from Spy Kids, Alexa has another notable role, only in a completely non-childish film, in the bloody musical Repo! Genetic Opera.

Mason Gamble, 33

The role of Denis the Tormentor brought seven-year-old Mason Gamble two nominations at once: one for the Golden Raspberry as the worst new actor, as well as a nomination for the best new actor. As a result, Gamble received the best newcomer actor of 1993. Gamble’s next major project was Wes Anderson’s Rushmore. The supporting role brought the actor two nominations for the title of the best young actor. In 2011, Gamble starred in the film Golf in the Kingdom, at the moment this is the last picture in the list of Mason Gamble’s film credits. Considering that at the age of seven he played with Walter Matthau, and at the age of 12 he starred with Wes Anderson in a film with a whole constellation of actors of the first magnitude, even such a short filmography already inspires respect.

Justin Cooper, 30

Justin Cooper replaced Mason Gamble in the second part of “Denis the Tormentor”, but his most famous role is the son of the hero Jim Carrey in the comedy “Liar, Liar”, the same boy, because of which an experienced lawyer forgot how to lie. Justin’s acting career ended in the 1990s. Cooper now works as a producer for the sports radio station Fox Sports Radio.

Michael Oliver, 37

Michael Oliver brilliantly played a little red-haired tomboy in the two-part comedy Problem Child, earned many millions of dollars on this (his agent mother wanted, even more, the producers had to cool his mother’s appetite through the court) and quit acting. Now Oliver has nothing to do with cinema, he lives an ordinary life.

Oliver and his Problem Child sequel co-star Yvianne Schwan in a still from the 1991 film and a photo taken in 2011.

Macaulay Culkin, 38

Culkin’s first major film role was in 1988 at the age of eight in Rocket to Gibraltar (pictured left). The star of the first rank Macaulay Culkin made “Home Alone” (1990). From the age of 10 to 14, Culkin did not leave the screens and covers of glossy magazines, but after 14, his acting career suddenly ended. Macaulay’s parents are to blame for the decline of a brilliantly begun career. The father asked the producers for huge fees for his son while shoving him from one project to another, not allowing him to take a break from filming. The more the fees of the juvenile star became, the less the films brought in at the box office, the producers were not satisfied with this situation and they stopped offering Culkin Jr. a job. On top of that, Macaulay’s parents could not find a common language in the matter of managing the income from their son’s films and then decided to get a divorce altogether. The father, who was so happy for Macaulay’s millions, did not even appear at the court session, where the issues of custody of the children were decided.

In adulthood, Culkin almost never acted, and his name appeared in glossy magazines only in connection with scandals and gossip about his drug addiction. Also, the tabloids were happy to print photos of the adult Macaulay, in which he was the exact opposite of cutie Kevin McCallister.

In 2015, Kevin starred in his friend musician Adam Green’s film Adam Green’s Aladdin (pictured right). In 2016, he announced the end of his acting career, but Culkin’s projects include the film Changeland (2019).

It seems that the dark streak in Macaulay Culkin’s career is over, and the fans are very happy about this, which he has not diminished in the years of Culkin’s absence from the screen. Macaulay is off drugs and alcohol, actively interacts with fans on social media, goes to TV shows, and recently there was a rumor that Culkin is being considered for the role of the Joker in the new “Batman” by Matt Reeves. However, Macaulay himself denied the rumors on his Twitter.

Edward Furlong, 41

Edward Furlong made movie history by playing John Connor in Terminator 2. Everyone knows about this, but it turns out that Furlong also entered the history of pop music, having recorded a music album in 1992 that broke all possible sales records in Japan. Furlong actively filmed until 1998, when he began to have problems with alcohol and drugs. For the first time, he was in a rehabilitation center in 2000, from about that time all subsequent films in which he starred were released immediately on cassettes and DVD, bypassing wide distribution. Now Edward occasionally acts in low-budget independent films and fights for animal rights.

Jonathan Lipnicki, 28

Jonathan Lipnicki became a favorite with viewers for his roles in Jerry McGuire (1996) (on the left of the picture) and two parts of Stuart Little. He now appears in small roles in independent films and TV and trains in the octagon with dreams of becoming a professional MMA fighter.

Jake Lloyd, 30

The fate of Jake Lloyd, the star of The Phantom Menace, was tragic. The films of George Lucas gave a powerful start only to the career of Harrison Ford, all the other actors who made their debut in the space saga became either hostage of one role or the object of harassment by fans, such as Ahmed Best, who played the role of Jar Jar Binks. According to Lloyd, after the release of The Phantom Menace, he was bullied at school. The film brought Lloyd a lot of money but discouraged the desire to connect his life with cinema. In his youth, he tried his hand at documentaries, tried to shoot videos, and entered the University of Chicago, but was expelled a year later. In 2016, Lloyd got into trouble with the law, he was jailed for 10 months for driving without a license and resisting arrest. Jake was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and transferred from prison to a hospital.

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