What happened to the triplets who were abandoned by their parents 16 years ago and what they look like now

These babies were abandoned by their parents immediately after their birth. It has been 16 years since that time. The reason for the parents’ refusal of girls was that two of them were born Siamese twins.

The mother and father of the triplets did not want to waste time and money on the treatment of their daughters. For them, the best solution was to send the children to the Baby House.

Every brother has a sister.

The triplets were adopted by the Harrison family when they were still babies. At that time, three adopted children, three boys, were already living with them. The couple decided to adopt the girls after the very first meeting with them.

At the age of 9 months, the girls underwent a separation operation, which ended successfully. Since then, the little ones have grown and developed like all ordinary children. Over time, the Harrisons acquired artificial limbs so they could walk. From the very beginning, the spouses agreed among themselves that they would not limit the girls and put pressure on them with excessive guardianship so that they would not feel inferior.

Spouses from childhood taught their daughters to help them in everything.


The Harrisons work on their farm, and the girls help them with everything. They work on a par with their parents and older brothers. Most likely, they will continue to work here, developing their parents’ farm.

Today, sisters with their parents often take part in various TV shows that bring them a good income. On TV shows, they talk about how lucky they are with their adopted family.

It is interesting that the girls, despite the fact that they were born as Siamese twins, have completely different characters and temperaments. Maisie likes to spend time at home more, she is very calm and reserved. But Mackenzie can be safely called a “kid”. She is very active, perky, and does not like to stay at home for a long time.

The girls are quite happy that they have such loving parents and plan to stay to work on their farm in the future.

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