What happened to this African youngster after he was adopted?

There is almost certainly no one on the planet who has not seen this photograph. When a volunteer shared it on her Facebook page, it quickly became viral and traveled over the Internet.

And this baby’s destiny was as follows: he was just thrown out of the home onto the street since the family felt he was a sorcerer. There was a religious society at the time that convinced many families that their children were sorcerers. Then they supposedly saved the kids a large sum of money.

For 8 months, the youngster had to live on the street, sleeping right next to the road and eating any leftovers he could find. And he would not have survived if it hadn’t been for a stroke of luck. Anja Ringren Loven, a volunteer from Denmark, appeared in the village where he resided. She aided Nigerian children.

Anya encountered the kid on the street. It was agonizing to look at him. He was so weary that he appeared to be on the edge of death. The young lady rushed him to the hospital.

Naturally, the youngster lags much behind his classmates in terms of growth. He began to gain weight and recuperate after a few months of intense therapy. He was given the name Hope at the rehabilitation clinic.

Hope is already in school, and he looks just like the rest of his classmates. He has a lot of friends and appears to be a really happy child.

Anya has established an orphanage for the children she has assisted, and Hope also resides there.

Anya soon married a Nigerian. They had a shared kid, and he has communicated with orphanage children since birth, and they are buddies. The mom admits to loving all of these children as if they were her own.

But this is not the end of the story. Anya and her husband are already working on another orphanage project. It will be known as “The land of Hope.”

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