“What happened to you?”: once they were the dream of millions, and today they have lost their charming appearance

All people have their best times when they look incredibly attractive. By the way, celebrities also face this, only a huge number of fans follow them all the time.

Today we have prepared for you a photo selection of celebrities who, for one reason or another, have lost their attractiveness. This could happen for various reasons: bad habits, bad plastic surgery, poor diet, etc.

D. Versace wanted to keep her youth, but unsuccessful plastic surgery led her to such an appearance.

M. Rourke was not discussed only by the laziest.

M. Carey picked up a little.

Do you like movies with K. Turner?

W. Won. Does he deserve a place on this list?

M. Perry also changed with age, not for the better.

L. Evangelista also changed a lot.

Charming D. Nicholson.

D. Simpson overdid it with plastic.

A. Bynes is only 34 years old.

The same age as Amanda – R. Kardashian.

How do you like handsome B. Fraser?

Madonna is hard to judge because today she is already 62 years old.

M. Ryan is approaching 60 too.

In pursuit of youth, M. Griffith lost her former beauty.

Many of these celebrities have not been able to keep their freshness due to age, because no matter how there was time, it is impossible to resist. What do you think about this, dear readers? Share your opinion in the comments!

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