What the infamous Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst looks like today (video)

Before we had time to talk about the coming-out of Efremov’s daughter, the Internet again raised a fuss around the one who at one time became the first person to declare to the whole world that a man can wear dresses and feel the way he wants. Where is he now and what does he look like?

“Woman with a beard” was the most searched query on the Internet in 2014. This performance was the most unusual and gifting event at Eurovision in history.

Few people know but Conchita’s real name is Thomas Neuwirth, and his shocking antics set a whole trend.

It is noteworthy, that Thomas is not a trans, he is quite an ordinary man, who, however, often tries on dresses, earrings, and “ interesting” images.

But in ordinary life, no one will guess without a hint that he is the same, Conchita.

Just look at this cute macho, well, how can he be the very lady with the “ ***k”?

By the way, after 2014, Thomas hit the modeling business, and after the performance he recorded 4 more albums, becoming a wealthy media artist. Still, after such an advertisement.


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Thomas lives in Austria, works a lot and almost nothing is known about his personal life except that he broke up with his girlfriend a year ago.

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