What was Michael Jackson’s fear? (video)

The king of pop music and the legend of the last century, Michael Jackson was able to reach incredible heights. But we at feiky.net decided to talk about the singer’s fears and oddities.

Forever Young

Michael was just terrified of getting old. He, in fact, was an eternal child, and the reason for this was the difficult childhood of Jackson. From an early age, he performed with his brothers as part of a family musical group, so he was forced to rehearse a lot and hard, while his peers walked and played.

Deprived of his own happy and carefree childhood, shortly before his 40th birthday, Michael bought a huge ranch with a zoo, attractions, and a railway. This amusement park got its name, borrowed from the story of Peter Pan, and symbolizes that childhood never ends. Jackson often invited children to his Neverland, with whom he had fun playing, was on the same wavelength, and felt like a child. In those moments he was happy, although not everyone understood the performer.

Strict father

The father controlled the activities of the musical group, which included his sons. The strictest discipline was an integral part of the life of all brothers. And for petty pranks and mistakes, sons, including Michael, were punished. This created a fear of the father. Jackson was afraid to see him and even more so to be alone. And this phobia haunted the singer almost all his life.


From his youth, Michael did not like himself, or rather, his appearance. This oddity took on such proportions that the guy blocked the mirrors: even in hotels, all the mirror surfaces were covered with towels. And when Jackson began to earn good money, he began the path to the ideal. A series of plastic surgeries began the exact number of which no one will name. Michael changed his nose, dreamed of fair skin, and periodically bleached it.


Fear of being killed

After his death, people from Michael’s entourage said that he was afraid of his own murder. He did not let anyone into his house without an appointment. Only the mother had the right to visit her son without warning. Jackson, who refused to continue to cooperate with his father and brothers, thought that one of his relatives might kill him out of revenge. And even the last years of his life were stressful. Although there was no longer any strength left for concert activity, the performer planned to return to the stage, so long as he would not be killed for refusing to perform.

Other oddities

Surprisingly, Michael was afraid of traffic jams. The reasons for this strange phobia are unknown. And Jackson was afraid of dirt and possible infection. Because of this, the singer often used a protective mask that covered most of his face, and also demanded that all surfaces that needed to be touched be treated with antiseptics.

Did you know what the legendary singer was afraid of?

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