When a kind guy assisted an elephant herd, the elephants thought of him. The animals came to say goodbye when he became seriously ill!

A man in South Africa helped a troop of wild elephants in 1999. Because this herd was thought to be unpredictable, rangers refrained from intervening out of fear of an animal attack. Many years later, as the man grew old and frail, the elephants came to bid him farewell. 

Lawrence Anthony became known around the world as the “Elephant Whisperer” because he was an active conservationist. He was very familiar with these animals. 

In 1999, an elephant herd drowned in a swamp. Anthony was well aware that the elephants would not allow a human to approach them. They require space to share their personal space. 

The man waited patiently for the elephants to become accustomed to him. This took several days. He delivered food to them. Then he led the entire herd out of the swamp and onto solid ground, one by one. 

The story appears to have ended here, but this is not the case. Elephants never forget those who have assisted them! They have an incredible memory. 

Lawrence is now completely exhausted and cannot leave the house. A herd of elephants was recently seen at the pensioner’s window; about 30 elephants traveled 12 kilometers and then spent nearly two days looking for his residence in the reserve. 

They came to bid a final farewell to a longtime friend. The elephants then disappeared, probably for good.

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