When he saw a homeless dog on his car, he believed it was fate

Vitor Mangino, a Brazilian, realizes that his automobile has been stolen as he drives home from a party. The man promptly reported the incident to the police, who began hunting for the automobile. The same evening, the police discovered the stolen automobile, but they informed the driver of something unexpected.

They inquired about his dog because there was a dog on the roof of his automobile. He refused to let anybody touch the car and refused to leave, according to authorities. When the owner of the automobile arrived at the scene, he saw the dog still laying on the top.

When the man approached the dog, he was calm and welcoming, as if they had always been friends. Then Vitor reasoned, “Perhaps it’s fate?” He decided to take the dog with him and named him Heineken.

The man has been living with his new pet since that day. The guy’s car was stolen that night, costing him a lot of money: “I had to spend money on replacing components, but this does not compare to what kind of friend I discovered!” “Now Heineken and I are inseparable,” the guy claims.

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