The sick calf lay alone on the ground until a dog appeared that changed everything

Sky the therapy dog was one of the keys to Lewis’ quick healing.

A calf that had recently lost its mother was taken in by Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner’s Gentle Barn in the year 2020. He was just a week old when they saved the calf from a butcher where his mother had died. John Lewis Thunderheart was the moniker they gave him since he was a warrior.

Lewis wasn’t in the greatest of health when he arrived at The Gentle Barn. “He had a bad case of pneumonia. He was breathing loudly and raspily. He coughed loudly.” Ellie said, “He had a really high temperature.”

Lewis did not get enough colostrum to build a stronger immune system because of the stressful circumstances of his birth. He had to battle for his life when he developed pneumonia because of this.

They carried him inside their air-conditioned house after realizing he wouldn’t survive in the barn. They could take care of him around the clock if they could provide the clean, cold atmosphere he needed. Another animal that resided within the home was also a major benefit for Lewis in the end. Sky was his name.

Sky was given to The Gentle Barn by his prior owner, who was unable to handle his level of enthusiasm. Sky was a wonderful therapy dog, despite the fact that they were not meant to adopt him. He lightens the hearts of individuals with anger issues, helps others laugh, and soothes those who are anxious.

He was Lewis’ perfect company while recovering because of this. Ellie said that Sky “cared for him, comforted him, and curled up right next to him.” “We just kept giving him love and comfort until he slowly started to heal.”

They found that Lewis and Sky had developed a close friendship when Lewis was strong enough to go outside. “They play-fight and run all over the yard. Lewis is shaky like a cow, and Sky is mouthy like a puppy, yet nevertheless, they manage to communicate and comprehend one another,” Ellie said.

Sky went with Ellie and Lewis to help Lewis get used to his new life on the farm as they went for walks about the property and to meet the other cows. At one week old, Lewis weighed barely 50 lbs when he was brought in. He has already reached the age of two and exceeds 1,000 pounds. He has grown to dwarf Sky in size.

They are no longer as physical as each other because of the large weight disparity between them. They are nevertheless able to show each other their love in spite of everything.

Sky will cover Lewis as he sprawls out on the ground. He will lie down next to Lewis and lick him. “There is a lot to be thankful for when I see Lewis and Sky together. What I value most about them is that their love endures no matter how old or large they get,” Ellie remarked of their relationship. “To us, a cow and a dog are visible. However, Sky and John Lewis only perceive love, family, and friends.

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