When the family discovered the real reason for their cat’s frequent disappearance, they were shocked

When their cat came home from the street, this family often wondered why it wasn’t hungry. 

He had glossy fur, wasn’t underweight, and wasn’t famished. 

They made the decision to track him in order to learn his secret. 

They discovered that their pet was also the pet of five other houses a few days later. 

Jagger wasn’t a great admirer of walking until something changed, according to the business owner Ifa Makaler. 

He would request a walk and then vanish for hours or even days at a time. 

He was fitted with the tracker by Ifa. It showed his complete itinerary, and it was obvious that the cat would stop at one house for a while before moving on to the next.

Surprisingly, the woman didn’t exert any pressure on her pet. In contrast, she took away his tracker and gave him entire freedom to make his own decisions. 

The cat still goes back to his own house, but he also never forgets the other four houses.

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